Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
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Essay SUPPORT Practice Centers/Stations for Middle School
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Essay SUPPORT Practice Centers/Stations for Middle School

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Looking for a way to practice essay support in centers? Look no further! Here are 3 centers + an interactive notebook foldable to record sentence starters!

★ Two original texts about Stonehenge with a prompt
★ Center #1: Relevant vs. Irrelevant evidence sort
★ Center #2: Writing commentary to explain evidence
★ Center #3: Anticipating Opposing Claims
★ Possible Answers Included!

I have set these centers up so that students can work in competitive teams:
1. All students read the two texts and then the prompt before working in centers.

2. Students rotate through the centers building a “case” using one of the 3 charts provided. (The teacher decides which teams get which charts, of course! :) )

*The blank chart is for use if you can rotate the students through in order from evidence to commentary to opposing claims. Otherwise, use the charts that already have evidence pre-printed on them and complete the evidence sort as a partner/whole class activity before handing out the charts. Then students will fill in the commentary and opposing claims in preparation for the class debate/seminar.

3. Host a small class debate/seminar where teams can present their evidence, commentary and work with opposing claims. I suggest holding the type of debate where as students hear the information, they choose a side or corner of the room that represents the team that is most convincing. *Alternately, you could simply vote after all groups have presented as to which group was the most convincing. 

I hope this helps your students practice their knowledge of essay support in new and fun ways!

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OR SAVE with the BUNDLE of all FOUR sets of centers!

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