Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
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Build an Informative Essay Activity with Task Cards!
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Build an Informative Essay Activity with Task Cards!

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Do you have students that struggle with learning the structure of an essay? I do and so I created these task cards to help students do several things at once:

✓ work in groups
✓ review what they know about the parts of an essay
✓ write an essay

How it works:

1. Go through the essay writing process with the included writing prompt and texts with your students.
2. Place task cards in groups of 4. 
3. Have students work to collaboratively answer those task cards. Each task card represents one sentence in the essay.
4. Students then write complete answers on the answer sheets. This answer is the sentence in the essay.  Each task card is numbered.  Students match the number of the task card to the numbered box on the answer sheet.
5. As groups finish their set of task cards, they rotate to a new group. 
6. By the time they have filled in all 30 spaces on the answer sheet, they have a skeleton essay! 
7. Then using the organizer/checklist, students mark where paragraphs should be on the skeleton.
8. Finally, students write out their essay on notebook paper (or test paper unique to your state's requirements) - not included.

What's included:

★ Informative Writing Prompt
★ TWO texts about Machu Picchu
★ One Informative organizer/checklist
★ Answer sheet
★ THIRTY Task Cards
★ Answers to the task cards and a fully filled out answer sheet for the skeleton essay!

This entire process takes about a week of class (maybe more) and to have at least a week's worth of plans done? Priceless! 

Take a look at the video preview!

This activity produced the most effort and understanding of anything I have done this year with my ELL students in terms of essay writing. They finally "got it"! :)

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