Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
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Three Ways to Promote Learning Gains!

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For the past two years, my principal has required our PLCs to discuss these 4 questions when planning:


1.  What do we want the students to learn?

2.  How will we know if the students "got it"?

3.  What will we do for those who didn't "get it"?

4.  What will do for those who did "get it"?


What he didn't tell us is that these 4 questions are rooted in the very best research on differentiation.  Bottom line:  This pattern promotes learning gains.


The first two questions are pretty easily answered with "the standard" and "an assessment".  But's let's be sure "the standard" is followed by an opportunity to actively process that information.  After all, for learning to take place, students need to DO something. Actually, we can use the same strategy to process, reteach and enrich and that strategy is




Now I'm not talking about full-on tic-tac-toe boards that can take up a full week (not that there's anything wrong with that).  I'm talking about a little sidewalk lunch cafe menu with two or maybe three options.  Think of them as "Specials of the Day" because students will think these menus are indeed special.


1.  Menus to process information



Many times, I play games with the whole class.  These could be very similar to various Kagan strategies you've read or heard about.  But students also need some personal time to interact with the content.  So...


I give 2 choices with a rubric.  Things like:

-making anchor charts

-using task cards (online task cards are great too!)

-using Quizlet

-working with interactive notebook foldables


2.  A menu to Reteach (I call these 'enhancement' menus in my classroom)

This menu is for students who scored less than 80% on the quiz for whatever content we are working on.

It includes options like watching a re-teaching video or working with the quiz to analyze examples.

Use menus to reteach and enrich your middle school ELA lessons!  #teaching #differentiation #differentiatedinstruction


3.  A menu for Enrichment

This menu is for students who scored 80% or better on the quiz over the content.

It includes activities like creating something new - a new video, poster, or some other artistic example of the content.

What do you do with the students who "get it" in your middle school ELA classroom?  Give them enrichment menus!  #teaching #differentiation #differentiatedinstruction

Want to take a closer look at menus that are ready to use, standards-based and include the full lesson components?  Take a look at TRESmart™! 

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Theme TRESmart Unit - Standards-based ELA Unit with Built-In Differentiation

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