Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
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Text-Based Informative Essay VIDEO UNIT - Grades 4-6 - VIDEO Lessons, Visual Notes, & More!
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Text-Based Informative Essay VIDEO UNIT - Grades 4-6 - VIDEO Lessons, Visual Notes, & More!

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ALL the work is done for you!  No more wondering how to teach text-based informative essays, Agent Spangler does ALL of the heavy lifting and creates a rock-solid foundation for your students.

These video lessons take students through each piece and part of an informative essay one at a time:

Phase 1- Planning (4 steps: read the prompt, think of ideas, number the paragraphs, read & mark the text)

Phase 2 - Introduction (hook, answer, thesis)

Phase 3 - Body paragraphs (answer, cite evidence, explain with commentary, ingeminate, top it off with a conclusion)

Phase 4 - Conclusion (answer re-stated, thesis restated, the call to action)

Finally, Planning with planning sheet and Writing the Essay!

The lessons are designed so that you could show a clip a day for at least 4 weeks. After watching each clip, students will have notes to fill in with definitions and then record a piece or part of the essay. By the time you have finished this unit, your students will have written one text-based informative essay. It will serve as a great model for the future.

What's included:

  • ★ Over 40 minutes of video lessons with examples and a secret agent theme for engagement full of tips and tricks to help your students remember the basics.
  • ★ A 45-page supporting document that includes all that listed below this line:
  • ★ Pixanotes® for the entire unit. Pixanotes® are a blend of traditional 2-column notes and interactive notebooks that use visuals to boost comprehension and recall! Say hello to higher test scores! They come in 4 formats to meet your students' needs. (choices include pre-printed content and pictures, fill-in-the-blanks content with picture flaps and two other combinations)
  • ★ A Writing Prompt
  • ★ TWO original nonfiction texts about Pipestone National Monument and Mount Rushmore
  • ★ TWO dominoes games to practice learning
  • ★ TWO practice sheets for answer and thesis practice
  • ★ TWO planning sheets
  • ★ A sentence starter sheet
  • ★ An Anchor Chart

When you purchase this resource, you will immediately have access to download the 45-page supporting document. 

Then, check the email you use to check out as it will contain a link to the video lessons.

Please be sure to see the preview and ask any questions before purchasing!
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