Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
Teaching Time-Savers to Reach ALL Learners!
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Special Needs Strategies Flipbook
Special Needs Strategies Flipbook
Special Needs Strategies Flipbook
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Special Needs Strategies Flipbook

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You read the student IEPs, know what the accommodations are, but now what? You want to know specific things you can do to help your students LEARN and you need the research from the first pages of this flipbook to back you up at IEP meetings or parent conferences. That is exactly what you have here with this flipbook! 

By this I mean that each page (except for the pretty cover) is meant to be cut so that the book cascades down in a kind of terracing format so that once it is stapled at the top, you will have several tabs that list:

1. The title of the book used as reference
2. The definition of Inclusion
3. The goals of Inclusion
4. What Inclusion means for Students
5. What Inclusion means for Teachers
6. Accommodations explained
7. Strategies

These 7 tabs make the flip book and are handy for parent conferences and anytime you need to show the research behind your actions in helping students succeed.

After Tab 7 you will find "Grab and Go" strategies that give you ideas for helping students that have difficulty in these specific areas:

1. Identifying the Main Idea
2. Reading
3. Organization
4. Memory
5. Mathematical concepts
6. Completing assignments
7. Writing
8. Test-Taking
9. Staying On Task

In these 9 areas, I have provided examples of how I have used the suggested accommodations in my own classroom. 

After the last "Grab and Go" Strategies Tab, I have included 5 samples of the strategies. These samples are items I have used in my own classroom and include:

1. a circle graphic organizer that could be used for pre-writing or just organizing information learned.
2. An advance organizer for Language Arts
3. A vocabulary organizer
4. A Language Arts guided notes sample for the story of Daedalus and Icarus
5. Two contracts - one for behavior and one for assignments.

This product not only serves as a resource of ideas but also has research to back them up! 


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